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Photo by Russell Gearhart / @gearhartphotoTuacahn Chamber Orchestra

Booster Club

Meeting Time/Dates

The THSA Booster Club is held every 2nd Wednesday (exceptions noted) of the month at 4:30pm in the conference room.

Everyone is welcome! Come help support the students, meet new friends and get the inside scoop on upcoming events. Put these dates in your calendar and we’ll see you there!

Dates: 12/11, 01/08, 02/12, 03/12, 04/8 nominations, 05/13 election results

Avery, Deborah
Best, Sadie
Boggs, Elizabeth
Chambers, Ricki
Coleman, Amber
Heiner, Jenni
Farnsworth, Mariona
Fishel, Angela
France, Christine
Gray, Suzanne
Merrill, Christina
Jones, Dashia
Lister, Margo
Richins, Nicole
McDonald, Tiffany
Miller, Marci
Moore, Tiffani
Ogden, Natalie
Olson, Annetta
Wallace, Bronwyn
Robertson, Andrea
Robertson, Jini
Young, Malia
Wimmer, Carrie
Terry-Martin, Alisha
Warnick, Kareen
Williams, Amber
Name Position
Kareen Warnick President
Christina Merrill Vice President
Debbie Avery Secretary
Michelle Andes Treasurer
Tara Eaves Vending Machines/Member at Large
Lacey Young Member at Large

2019-20 Studio Reps

Name Studio
Jenni Heiner Theatre
Tiffany McDonald Musical Theatre
TBD Dance
Marci Miller Tech Theatre
Alisha Terry-Martin Improv
Sadie Best Sound Engineering
TBA Film/Animation
TBA Instrumental
Candace Hafen Vocal/Chamber
Ricki Chambers Visual Arts
Tiffani Moore Academics