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Community Council

See Tuacahn High School’s School Land Trust Plans and report on the site

Community Council Candidacy Form for the upcoming school year.

Meeting Schedule: 2019-20

Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday every other month.
Meeting time is 4:15 pm in the THSA Conference room (New York)

Next meeting: Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020 at 4:15pm

Upcoming Meetings: Feb 25, 2020, Apr 28, 2020 (Elections)

Membership 2019-20:

Member Email Phone Role
Drew Williams [email protected] 435-652-3201 Principal
Ricki Chambers [email protected] 435-862-8902 Parent/Chairman
Christine France [email protected] 253-224-4551 Parent/Vice-Chair
Kareen Warnick [email protected] 435-669-2929 Parent
Joshua Aikens [email protected] 435-367-7755 Parent
Tiffani Moore [email protected] 435-652-3201 Parent
Katie Bastian [email protected] 801-688-4862 Parent
Tara Griffith [email protected] 435-668-6011 Parent
Shawnee Hansen [email protected] 801-458-0431 Parent
Jenni Heiner [email protected] 435-619-4322 Parent
Kendal Johnson [email protected] 435-862-8104 Parent
Nanette Johnson [email protected] 435-862-8792 Parent
Brooke Raymond [email protected] 224-234-2425 Parent
Victoria Root [email protected] 435-755-9450 Parent
Elena Turman [email protected] 801-556-4557 Parent
Bronwyn Wallace [email protected] 805-755-9450 Parent
Lark Whicker [email protected] 541-463-7805 Parent
Carrie Wimmer [email protected] 435-275-5611 Parent
Annette Reitano [email protected] 435-652-3201 SPED Teacher
Mark Delavan [email protected] 435-652-3263 IT Tech
Kami Adams [email protected] 435-652-3201 Counselor
Michel Boroff [email protected] 435-652-3201 CC Secretary
Jennifer Gates [email protected] 435-652-3201 Parent
Kent Brown [email protected] 435-652-3201 Business Manager
Craig Maxwell [email protected] 435-652-3262 IT Director