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Annex 5

JD Quinn


Having lived in St. George my whole life, I have always known about Tuacahn High School but I didn’t really know much about it and never really had interest in learning about it. When I found out that my previous job was not offering me a new contract and I heard there was an opening at Tuacahn I decided to give it a shot. I never expected what happened next. When I came to campus, toured the facilities and met the people, I had a feeling of belonging that I had never felt at any job before. The Tuacahn “family” is so real and welcoming and warm. I also love the freedom that is possible at a charter school with an extra qualified administration and a caring and connected school board. Everything that I felt was holding me back as a teacher working for the Washington County School District was no longer there.


BA, Dixie State University, Mathematics Education

Previous Experience

Snow Canyon Middle School, Desert Hills High School

2020-21 Class Schedule

1stMath 2Math 2
2ndMath 2Rotating
3rdMath 2Math 2
4thPrepMath 2
5thMath 2Prep