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Kirk Howard

Social Studies

Most of my life has been focused on athletics in schools. I never gave the arts a second thought. Go watch a musical, poetry slam, contemporary dance, art exhibition? No chance, wild horses could not have dragged me to any of these. After teaching at THSA, my viewpoint has shifted, and I have been to every one of these types of performances and many, many more. WHY Tuacahn? Because it has changed me for the better. I know what a Marley floor is now. Students have inspired me to be a more creative instructor. I have “danced and sang” as a Backstreet Boy. I know what stage right and stage left is. I have been inspired to take guitar lessons. I have become more empathetic. I know a student who loves mashed potatoes as much as I do. I know what a “body roll’ is now. I have seen student artwork. Dance Company and Ballroom performances that have taken my breath away. THIS IS “WHY Tuacahn?”  And Tuacahn IS WHY I am a better person.


B.A. Southern Utah University (History/English)
A.S. Snow College

Previous Experience:

Glennallen High School, Glennallen, AK

Professional Affiliations:

Alaska High Schools Coaches Association – member
National High School Coaches Association – member


Alaska State Football – Coach of the Year
Aurora Conference, Alaska – 2-Time Basketball Coach of the Year

2020-21 Class Schedule

Period A DAY B DAY
1st US Govt/
Financial Lit
Landmark Supr / Sociology
2nd Current Issues/
Ethnic Studies
3rd Prep US Govt/
Financial Lit
4th US Govt/
Financial Lit
Current Issues/
Ethnic Studies
5th Landmark Supr / Sociology US Govt/
Financial Lit