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Rm. 214/Entrada

Neil Duncan


I came to Tuacahn to perform in 2001, just a couple years after the high school opened. I still remember the moment of realization that Tuacahn was the most beautiful high school campus I’d ever been on, AND it had the most engaged students I’d ever come across after traveling to dozens of high schools all over the western United States. When I graduated with a Math degree a few years ago, it seemed like a natural fit to want to work at Tuacahn! I have enjoyed being involved in both the academic and artistic aspects of the school since I get to teach Math and Ballroom Dance. What other school would allow me to train students in both of these passions? Only Tuacahn.


AS, Southern Utah University
BS, Dixie State University (Mathematics)

Previous Experience:

Dixie State University (Utah) – Math Tutor
Beaver Dam Middle/High School (Arizona) – Substitute Teacher
Dance Plus Ballroom (Ohio) – Ballroom Dance Teacher & Studio Manager

2020-21 Class Schedule

Period A DAY B DAY
1st Math 3 Ballroom Tech
2nd Math 3 AP Statistics
3rd Rotating Rotating
4th Prep Math 3
5th Math 3 Prep