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Bell Schedules

Exact minutes for the upcoming 2017-18 bell schedule are subject to change before August 9th.

Mon-Thu Schedule

Period Time
1st 8:00-8:45
2nd 8:50-9:35
3rd 9:40-10:25
4th 10:30-11:15
LUNCH 11:15-11:55
5th 12:00-12:45
6th 12:50-1:35
7th 1:40-2:25
8th 2:30-3:15
9th 3:20-4:00

Friday Schedule

Period Time
Homeroom - attendance, plans for the day will be discussed with teacher. 8:00-8:10
No Bell Schedule System
Students will plan out their day making adjustments based on their interests, needs, and commitments. There will be a calendar provided ahead of time with time scheduled activities and workshops.
> Collaboration
> Mini Conference/Workshop style
> Discussions
> Visiting Artists
> Mini Performances
> Academic assistance
> Guest speakers/Counseling
> Devotional Times/Seminary
Homeroom - attendance, discussion of the days activities will be held. 11:20-12:00
No Lunch Served

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