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Student Uniforms

Uniform Policy Updates for 2018-19 School Year

DRESS CODE: Students should be in appropriate and approved dress code at all times, regardless of class/activity. Specific clothing is only approved in special cases. Failure to comply with dress code will result in progressive disciplinary action as spelled out in the Parent/Student Handbook. All old polos and khaki pants are officially phased out and should not be worn.
PANTS/SHORTS: All pants/shorts/leggings/joggers/jeans will be solid black with NO mesh inserts, lines, rips, tears, etc. Shorts and skirts must be at fingertip length when standing (for quick reference checks).
SHIRTS/OUTERWEAR: All shirts/outerwear will be official THSPA gear purchased from our school website or through the school. We offer a variety of t-shirts and many shows sell shirts throughout the year. All show/club gear must be approved through Artistic Director. A personal winter coat is allowed from Nov-Feb.
All clothing should be appropriate to a school environment, including but not limited to, length and sizing.

TRADITIONAL UNIFORMS: The "retro" polo shirts are NO LONGER ALLOWED as they were phased out after the 17-18 school year.
WHY? We want our students, parents and staff to take pride in Tuacahn, and so we have searched for quality gear that can be worn by all throughout the year. We are excited for this update, and hope that you are as well. Thank you for your continued support. #Legacy

All Student Personalizations must be first or last name only, no nicknames.

Store Contact:

CHRIS ANDRUS - [email protected]
Shipping Information:
All purchases are shipped to TUACAHN HIGH SCHOOL for pickup.

All in school available clothing may have limited quantities.

Clothing Price Colors
Create Hoodie $25.00 Navy
Create T-Shirt $12.00 Navy
Legacy T-Shirt $12.00 Gray
Titan T-Shirt $12.00 Gray, Navy, Black (see samples)

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