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Yearbook Staff

Welcome to the new additions for the 2017-18 staff:
Grace Moore
Alayna Espinoza
Heather DeSilva
Mya Odom
Alisse Larkin
Tiffany Watkins
Sasha Dittmann
Isabelle Bowers
Colton LeFevre
Dev McBride
Torri Parker
Makelle Young
Returning Staff:
Alexa Parkin
Haylee Rawdin
Kaden Lunt
Kylee Sorensen
Ivy Rowan
Alex Warnick

These are the hard working students that are creating your yearbook this year. All students design pages, take photos, sell ads and do other work to help the staff as a whole. We appreciate all of you allowing us to invade your classes for pictures, and anything you have done to make this a great yearbook. - Mr. Andrus, Adviser

Sydney Benson

Sydnie Schwarzwalder

Ashley Jackson

Roxanne Naumann

MacKenzie Heiner

Nick Woodland

Heather Hansen

Alexa Parkin

Johanna Lorentzen

Kylee Sorensen

Brooke DePalma

Ivy Rowan


Alex Warnick

Ethan Cisco

Kaden Lunt

Haylee Rawdin

Mr. Andrus


Common Questions

What is required to be eligible apply?

Cum. GPA of 3.0+ and a positive and consistent attendance record.

What skills do I need?

Taking Digital Media or Photography gives you an increased chance of getting on the staff, but is not required. Some training happens in class. Photographers needed. The ability to follow instructions, but lead when needed. A positive attitude every day, negativity is not welcome.

How many spots are available?

Around 15 students are on Yearbook Staff each year. When students graduate or don't stay in the next year because of schedule conflicts, then spots open. There are on average 5-10 spots open each year.

How do I join yearbook?

At the end of each year (1st week of April) I will take applications for the next year's staff.

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